Ours is an ancient history of tradition, love and commitment.

Once upon a time

there was a Duke, his name was Federico da Montefeltro and he lived during the Renaissance in the Ducal Palace in Urbino.

A time of flourishing arts and literature in which a story was born, which still continues today: that of our Crescia.

In fact, it was at the Ducal Palace that, according to the legend, the first Crescia Sfogliata was baked with water, flour, salt, lard, pepper and eggs. A noble and regal recipe. The reason? Legend has it that it was the Duke of Urbino who had the egg added. A precious nourishment that not everyone could afford at that time.

The Crescia that Giovanni Pascoli tasted is the same you can taste today.

Prepared by patiently by hand, and left to rest overnight, it was then rolled out with a rolling pin and cooked on the Panaro. This is how the Crescia was cooked at the Ducal Palace. Today we continue the tradition by reproposing the same ancient flavour, rich in history: that of the 'Crescia sfogliata' of Urbino..
Taste our Crescia

Long live tradition

We are like jealous guardians.

We respect and protect the traditional recipe of the Crescia Sfogliata of Urbino.

Only genuine and healthy ingredients.

We select the higher quality primary ingredients of 100% Italian Origin. All ingredients are checked by our quality staff.

Glory to slowness

It who goes slow, goes healthy and gets good. We prepare it by hand with gentleness, patience and love, so it is soft and easy to digest.

Hands in dough

Hand-rolled to give it a snail-like shape. We take care of each Crescia with our hands.

We think small

We like to call ourselves artisans of taste. And as such, we choose to produce few products because it is not the quantity but the quality that counts.

Against all artifice

We have strong ethics. We choose not to use preservatives, yeast or milk, so we can bake a genuine and authentic product. That is why our Crescia Sfogliata of Urbino reminds you that typical scent of fresh eggs.

Why do we call ourselves “Il Panaro”?

“Panaro” is the name of the plate in which a dish was cooked during the Renaissance.Guess which one? Yes, the Crescia. So that is why when we opened our first little shop in 198X we named it “Il Panaro”. 

It has been a long time since then and we have baked hundreds of Cresce. We became first a slightly larger shop and then a workshop. Ours is a story handed down from hand to hand. From heart to heart.

Let's tell you a little more about us!

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